Şirkətin Misyası


”AZTEXNO KOMPANI” LLC, which has been implementing complex projects in public and private sectors since 2007, is one of the leading developers in the region.

Modern management, a strong modern technical base and application of modern technologies have laid the foundation for the successes achieved in the short run. These successes, in turn, gave AZTEXNO KOMPANI a turusded reputation in both Azerbaijan and other countries.

All projects are implemented by “AZTEXNO KOMPANI” and its affiliated companies, starting with the concept of full delivery.

Areas of activity:

  • design and construction of residential buildings;
  • design and construction of administrative buildings;
  • design and construction of commercial of commercial of jects;
  • Raw material supply for construction products;
  • Construction of industrial enterprises;
  • Raw material supply for building materials;
  • Manufacture of building materials: concrete and concrete blocks, reinforced concrete products,armored frame;
  • concrete blocks, paving stones, borders;
  • production of concrete additives;
  • construction machinery and transport services;

production of agricultural products

Despite our achievements, we are moving towards the ambitious goals we have put forward. Our mission is to carry out public-important projects by protecting existing traditions and using modern technology. The goal is to provide a comfortable and secure future for everyone who comes in contact with products and services of ‘’AZTEXNO KOMPANI”. We are closely cooperating with world leading companies to achieve our mission and goals.